Terence Pope – Director of Life Design

Hello and welcome…My name is Terence Pope.
I look forward to guiding and empowering you on the most powerful journey of your life.

If you had meet me sixty years ago, you would have discovered a young boy so afraid of what others thought of him that he suffered from a severe speech impediment and was not even slightly effective at communicating with people.

At nine years of age I had a vision and that was the start of what was to become a lifelong long journey of personal development as I desperately sought the truth about life.

At twelve year old, after a teacher introduced me to their books, I began reading works by Sigmund Freud and Carl Jung who introduced me to the collective consciousness.

At 17 years old, my first major revelation came when reading a book called Psycho-Cybernetics by Maxwel Maltz. I discovered how our thoughts were control us and I realised that what I feared may not be the truth. I applied this knowledge and within three months I had overcome my stuttering.

My next early life revelation occurred when I read that Albert Einstein said “You cannot solve the problems of life with the same thinking the created them”, I relealised the power of finding good mentors and reading great books. I also knew that although I learnt new powerful information, I had to put it into action to get any results.

Overcoming each challenge on my life journey has always allowed me to experience higher blessings.

What has happened on my journey is that the challenges have become bigger and I to have become grown into the person who can deal with them.

On my journey I have found my true power and the external energies of life around me now fail to manipulate my thinking and the way I appreciate life and all it offers.

Terence Pope
Author, Traveller, Director of Life Design

Today I am the Director of Life Design at Unleash Your Dreams. I am an author of personal development books, have a background as an accountant, sales training and I am a certified NLP practionioner.

My passion is help others achieve their peak potential and my life mission is to raise the vibrational expression of humanity through everything I do. Helping you discover your true power and become unstoppable is a big part of that life mission.