Life Design

Life Coaching : Your Journey Begins Here

Knowing why you are here empowers you to live a life of purpose

Throughout history the great thinkers and different philosophies have continually attempted to seek and provide the answers for the great questions of life.

There are four of them and they are
– Why are we here?
– Who are we?
– Where did we come from?
– Where are we going?

On a personal level the question that is most important is “Why am I here?”. This question is often expressed through self-talk and the inner feelings that there must be more to life. Have you ever felt, is this all that there is to life, just to live out my time on the planet and then die?

For many of us that question is too daunting to spend time discovering the answer. We tend to focus on the fear based thoughts of our potential inability to adequately care for our family and provide a lifestyle that places them on the same level as the social norm. This is not to infer that caring about such an important factor of life is wrong.  If you knew that in discovering why you are here, you would also discover a better way to provide for the future care of your family, I am certain that you would want to know the answer, wouldn’t you? Unleash Your Dreams has been written to open the doorway of your heart and help you discover the answer to that question and to empower you with the knowledge on how to experience all of your hearts desires

Your Comfort Zone

Your comfort zone may be a safe place, however outside your comfort zone is where the best that life has to offer is waiting for you.

Most people stay in their comfort because they want to avoid the pain of change, of trying something different. They want to avoid their “friends’ expressing a lack of appreciation for one of their community of lesser equals who decides that there is more to life.

Your dreams are outside your comfort zone. You must decide to get uncomfortable and break away from the daily habits that have created the life you now live.

You have to create a new comfort zone and that is being on the path that will lead you to you destiny. You have to be prepared to become uncomfortable in thinking new thoughts, creating new habits and yes leaving your current life behind