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Our services start with a no upfront fee consultation plus no payment required if you do not feel that you received value from the session!

Simply choosing how valuable a business / mindset coaching service is for your journey cannot be fully appreciated with a few words on a web page.

Our mission is to enhance your life and mindset to empower you to become the best version possible of yourself on your life journey. During the first session powerful knowledge that will be highly valuable with be shared with you.

Even if you decide that for some reason we are not right for you, our mission is to empower you. Should you choose to continue benefiting from our services, that will be our blessing.

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You were born for a purpose and that purpose is to become the best version of yourself that you possibly can.

Life is created in the moments of your decisions…every decision you make is like a step on the journey of your life and the lifestyle you now live is your current destination.

In making higher value decisions on your past journey would have resulted in a different lifestyle now. You can change your life just by making a decision that uplifts you and offers you a better future…..That decision just becomes a step on your journey to the life your deserve.

Our Life Design services are uniquely structured to satisfy the needs and requirements for individuals, for whom we offer personalised Life Design sessions.

We deliver individually designed and structured services to corporate entities and their staff, for whom we deliver team training and mindset empowerment strategies.

For further information on either our individual or corporate services, please contact us directly or book an appointment via the calendar below to discuss your desired outcome from the potential use of our services.


Do you feel that despite your best efforts you  are experiencing limited success?

Maybe you are wanting to experience
          –   a life of abundance
          –   financial prosperity
          –   amazing relationships
          –   a healthy life
          –   to positively impact people’s lives

To achieve this you may have also
          –   adopted a positive attitude
          –   read positive mindset books
          –   attending seminars
          –   engaged a successful mentor

Maybe you have also found that a positive attitude improved your life perception and the positive mindset books gave you new ways to think that had great benefits. The seminars motivated you, but only for a few days . Maybe you found  the support and encouragement from a mentor was great but only while they were available to do that. All of these have benefits but are you  still struggling to live the fullness of your dreams and goals.

I tried all of these but without the success I desired. I was starting to think that success was for other people but not for me. Maybe I was actually one of the 97% who never manifest their dreams, that thought filled me with dread because I did not want to continue working as hard as I had only to fail. I desperately wanted to experience success.

Then I read that one of the smartest people ever, Albert Einstein, said ” You cannot change your life with the same thoughts that created it”

This inspired me to continue and then I discovered the truth that your brain is a computer and it wasn’t new thinking that was needed as much as needing to let go of the self-limiting thoughts as they are your basic mind computer programs and more importantly form your beliefs and therefore your results.

There is a simple process to unlocking what is blocking your dreams and being set free. Allowing you to become able to achieve goals with surprising ease.

You can discover how to do that in the initial one hour consultation … no upfront payment required.



“It is rare to meet someone as wise and calm as Terry.

I will forever be grateful for Terry’s willingness, generosity and capacity as a genuine leader, to empower me to be present and believe in myself.

He fueled my grit and determination to gracefully ‘move through’ my own limitations and grow a new found courage and authenticity.

I highly recommend Terry’s ability to reach in and bring out the best, his humanity and fierce heart-centered intentional leadership is exceptional.”

Sandy L.
The Body Whisperer


“I have grown as a person and have so much more confidence in my potential to achieve my dreams.

I was struggling to grow my home-based business. Now I am so excited as my business has tripled in size. Not only was I kept accountable to my stated actions and goals, my mindset and self-belief grew as well. I am now on track to achieve my desired life and business outcomes.

Terence has been my guiding light during this time. I highly recommend Terence Pope as a life and business coach and mentor. The growth that will occur for you is very likely to be exponential and life changing.”

Noelene D.
Positive Birth Transformer


” I am now free from where I used to be, where I felt so trapped and unhappy. Although I felt there was more, I did not know what to do or where to look. Terence has become a guiding light over the last eight months. I have Terence to thank for helping to clarify my thinking and showing me what I was trying to discover but couldn’t find the answers myself. I just want to say to you Terence, I am so grateful that you took the time to reach the inner me and then show me my true power, thank you!

If you are looking for someone to guide you on your journey and empower you to become the best version of yourself…you will find that person in Terence Pope.”

Sharon C.
Entrepreneur and Model

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Click on the link below and schedule your appointment at a time that suits both of us……I look forward to meeting you